Wearing a Mask Isn’t Political.

Yesterday, my partner and I were out for a Sunday bike ride through our small, quaint coastal town. I typically wear a mask now when I ride to let people know they can feel safe around me.

We both had one around our necks yesterday just in case, but the streets were so quiet we didn’t have it on our face. But we were prepared.

We rode for over an hour, and it was getting pretty steamy so we started meandering back toward home. As we turned around, I passed an elderly man in a mask enjoying a walk. It was the perfect day to be outside. As he spotted us riding toward him, he ran up into someone’s yard because it appeared we weren’t prepared to cover our faces, yet we were. He was nervous

Simply stated: you don’t wear a mask for you or for what you believe or for what any leader spouts right now. You wear one so that man can take a walk without fear. You wear it out of solidarity and trust that some people are vulnerable or scared, whether you are or not. You do it because compassion and caring about people besides ourselves is necessary.

I don’t wear a mask out of fear, I wear one to be smart, to be cautious, to be considerate of others, I wear it because it’s easy to do. I wear my mask for that man.

Now please, find one and wear it.

Thank you!