Loving me for who and what I am

Susan J Hilger
1 min readJan 10, 2024

has been an archeological dig of

Learning to find and love that very young person within.

I love how I was able to thank her rather than forgive her.

She never stopped walking to get us both here.

I love the woman who found her wisdom within,

who wouldn’t stop digging until she saw gold etched in her own heart.

I love how I found love by learning to embody the kind of love I sought,

that my vulnerability was a strength, not a risk.

I’ve been so brave.

I love that I can embrace the self I fought so hard to find.

I may sometimes doubt myself, fear the next step, go quietly inside,

but I never doubt the love I found for my truest self who finally surfaced.

I love that my life’s work is helping others traverse this same rite of passage.



Susan J Hilger

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